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Psychic Live Chat

Live Chat Temporarily Unavailable Until Further Notice

Due to high demand and other prioritises, I'm unable to go available for Live Chats right now.

My main focus is Email Readings and YouTube Videos at the moment, amongst other new features I am working on. I strongly suggest that you order an Email Reading with me instead of waiting for me to go available as I cannot give a timeframe when I'll be free. Note: I try to respond to all email readings within 24 hours.

Tired of waiting for answers?
Have a Live Psychic Chat right now with Holly, International Psychic and Astrologer.

The whole point of wanting a psychic reading in the first place is because you need it right NOW so it made sense to create a feature allowing you to chat with me in real-time.

This is a brand new feature and you won't find anything like this elsewhere. I am a known Psychic and Astrologer.

No, you won't need to download and install anything. All of this is done via a chat room feature you'll be redirected to after payment is made. Once we are in the room together, the psychic live chat will begin and last for as long as you've booked.

If I'm Available you can start chatting with me instantly! If I'm Unavailable or Busy you have the option of being alerted when I next become available so you can return to the site and start a live chat session immediately.

I only chat to one person at a time so if I'm already helping someone else, it generally won't be too long before I'm available to help you.

Sorry! I'm not available for Live Chat at the moment.

I'm either away from the computer or currently sleeping - I am often in different locations & timezones.

Please try again later or, in the meantime, check out the E-mail Readings I offer.

You can be alerted when I'm next available:

If you want to be alerted via e-mail when I become available.. enter your e-mail address below:


Holly x

What Are The Benefits Of A Live Psychic Reading via Chat?

Ordering a 5 or 10 minute psychic chat reading with me is a perfect way to test the waters if you haven'nt had a psychic reading from me before.

I specialise in love and relationships. A psychic live chat reading with me will clarify what is happening around you with strategic guidance and help you create the best outcome.

  • Live psychic chat is a perfect way to get instant psychic readings
  • With Psychic live chat you're able to ask as many questions as can within your chosen time.
  • Noone else offers a live psychic chat room feature. This is the first of its kind. Take advantage of this unique service.

  • Stay in control of your psychic chat readings by choosing the number of minutes you wish to speak to me for before we start.
  • An entire psychic chat log is sent to you after the reading is complete so you will be able to keep it as a reference and can always look back on it later.
  • Psychic live chat is a great way to get a feel for how I work as a psychic before you purchase a Psychic Email Reading or a longer psychic chat reading.
  • If I am Available you can start chatting with me NOW!
  • If I am not available you can choose to be alerted the next time I am online (it is never too much of a wait).

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