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Psychic Readings

Psychic Email Readings

Psychic email readings are becoming very popular. Why speak to a psychic on the phone when you could receive an informative psychic email reading which you can always refer back to. It saves you having to remember what a psychic has said on the phone.

Anyone can get psychic readings. It doesn't matter where you are in the world, I am able to tune in and connect with your energy. You will have the opportunity to choose between a '1 Question' OR '4 Question' psychic email reading depending on your requirements.

  • 1 Question Psychic Readings are for those of you that have a specific question you want me to answer for you.
    Example: “Will my ex return?“
  • 4 Question Psychic Readings are for those of you that have more than one question or have a complicated situation which requires more clarity. You will have the option to either ask up to 4 questions, or select the 12 month tarot reading option where you can get a sneaky peak into the highlights for the year ahead.
  • General Tarot Readings are for those of you that don't have a question but need direction. You can choose between a '7 Day Forecast', 'Celtic Cross Spread' or '12 Month Tarot' Reading.

All psychic readings will be answered personally by me.

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Psychic Live Chat

Psychic live chat is a perfect way to get instant psychic readings with me in real time without waiting. You will only see the form asking for payment when I am Available online and this is when you know you will be able to speak with me immediately.

There is no waiting for an allocated time slot. The live psychic chat begins as soon as you make your payment and I connect to the chat room.

When I am Unavailable or Busy helping someone else ou will have the option of being alerted when I next become available for psychic live chat or you could simply try again later.

There is nowhere else where you can receive a live psychic reading online with a psychic immediately. Generally on other sites 'live chat' simply means a standard psychic phone reading so there is no log of what was said to refer back to.

With my psychic live chat service you will receive a unique URL which will connect us both to the same chat room. This is a secret and secure address that will expire after we have finished the chat session.

After our psychic live chat chat session finishes you are automatically e-mailed the entire chat transcript so you can keep it forever and look back on it later.

You will not find this kind of live psychic chat service anywhere else.

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Psychic Live Chat With Me NOW

Psychic Live Chat is the fastest way to get all your questions answered by Holly Gill, International Psychic and Astrologer.

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Online Psychic Course

Are you developing your psychic abilities?

I have created a psychic online course that will be taught through email. You will have many different options to choose from depending on your requirements and what you specifically want to develop.

Currently there is no payment form on the site, however, I will put this live soon. You will need to email me directly informing me of which of the categories you have chosen and then we will proceed from there.

Alternatively, you can just have a psychic chat session with me and we go into detail about your chosen topics.

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Psychic Reading FAQ

If you are new to the psychic world and would like to understand a little more about how it all works, I have added some psychic faqs people tend to ask.

If you have a question you would like to be added, please let me know and I will answer you directly.

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